We welcome girls who are finishing high school with a solid Bais Yaakov hashkafa to apply and become part of the distinctive seminary atmosphere Machon Basya Rochel has to offer. We welcome girls and their parents to visit the seminary during the day and visit the classes and seminary first hand. High schools in the tristate ares can schedule and presentation in their school. Open houses are scheduled in Brooklyn and Far Rockaway in December.

Rolling admissions for all applicants.

Machon Basya Rochel credits are accepted in college programs such as Touro College, CUNY, Sara Schneirer, The YIEP,  and Maalot of Baltimore. Students are tested four time i in the academic year and receive a transcript to transfer on to the college of their choice. 

Students can also attend for the Shana Bet program to enhance their Shana Aleph year and earn more credits.

Mrs. Debra Green, Academic Adviser,  is available to guide each student through the process of deciding on a college program and the transferring of  MBR credits.  She can be reached a or 516-362-5000 ext 2. 

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